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03 Nov What should I wear today?  6 easy outfits to dress up in 3 minutes..
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"What should I wear today?" the eternal and daily question that can be a real challenge or even a headache.Having to get dressed every day is hard and if you want to get it right, a real hassle. Becau..
26 Oct Useless items you should throw away from your closet now
18 Oct Top trends for winter 2023-2024
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The fashion of winter 2023-2024 brings many trends that you will love, offering an unplayable and unrepeatable combination of classic elegance and creative trend...Let's take a look at the main elemen..
08 Oct
16 Jul Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Wearing Linen Clothes Again
12 Jul 6 Secrets to Stay Elegant at 50
11 Jul What to wear on your birthday when I turn 40? Styling Tips to be even more glamorous
10 Jul New Blog Post
07 Jul Summer Vacation on an Island: What to Pack First in Your Suitcase
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Summer is now happening in the location Greece and our thoughts are complicated with a unique destination: the Greek island. A world of endless blue, filled with sunlight awaits you to enjoy it.You wi..
03 Jul Fashion Dictionary to become a fashion expert
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A fashion dictionary, you will tell me, does not exist. And yet, every professional industry we all know has its own code and vocabulary. So how could there not be a Fashion Dictionary to clarify term..
01 Jul Shopping: what you'll need in summer 2023 to be stylish!
24 May Fashion and Style At Weddings
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